Upcoming Film News

This section is devoted to movie news that is relevant to movies I can’t wait to see and hopefully you as well.

March 2, 2013:   First Trailer for Erased Starring Aaron Eckhart

February 27, 2013:  First Trailer for The Conjuring

February 20, 2013Ric Roman Waugh Discusss Snitch Starring Dwayne Johnson

February 19, 2013Christian Bale & Tom Hardy Star in Separate Everest Films

January 3, 2013:   My List of Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

December 29, 2012:   Noomi Rapace & Niels Arden Oplev Reunite for Dead Man Down

October 24, 2012:   Evil Dead Remake 1st Trailer

October 22, 2012:   James Wan & Patrick Wilson Discuss The Conjuring

October 9, 2012:   Armie Hammer Rumored as Potential Batman for Justice League

June 17, 2012:    Sinister:  The Latest from Producers f Paranomal Activity & Insidious

June 3, 2012:      Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Have a Big 2012 Second Half

May 11, 2012:      Writer Damon Lindelof Comments on Prometheus

May 10, 2012:      Elijah Wood as a Serial Killer in Maniac Remake?

May 8, 2012:        David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis

May 7, 2012:        Latest on the Judge Dredd Reboot

May 7, 2012:        Prometheus to Receive R-Rating

May 3, 2012:        Latest Trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man

April 30, 2012:     Developing “Daredevil” Super Hero Remake

April 25, 2012:     Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Bruce Willis as Each Other in Looper

April 25, 2012:     Clips from Moonrise Kingdom

April 18, 2012:    Viral Video For Ridley Scott’s Prometheus

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