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First Teaser Trailer for James Wan’s “The Conjuring” Brings You to 1970’s Harrisville

the_conjuring_james_wan_ed_lorraine_ed_lorraine_warren_release_dateJames Wan, though very young, has definitely left his name in hour books with the success he had with Saw and Insidious.  If this new trailer is any indicator, The Conjuring may be his scariest movie yet.

Calling this a trailer may not be far since it hardly lets on any of the key plot details but it definitely teases the brain.  For those of you not familiar with The Conjuring’s plot it is as follows:  Ed and Lorraine Warren where the pioneers of paranormal investigations that were made famous by the case known as the Amityville Horror.  But this was not there first investigation.  One of the many cases before Amityville was Harrisville where the Warrens were brought in to rescue a frightened family from a demonic spirit haunting an isolated farmhouse.

Here is the trailer:

This first teaser for The Conjuring may be hands down one of the scariest I have seen (no pun intended).  The opening of the trailer really places you in the 1970’s setting with the wardrobes, style of the home, and the happy/mello “Time of the Season” playing over the family playing hide and seek.  Then introduce the clap.  No not the STD (although that is scary too) but they hands reaching out from the depths of the closet.  I think a lot of filmmakers would have been tempted to make the hand either skeletal or decayed but they fake that they appear to be nomal health adult human hands makes it feel very of this world and eerie.  If they had gone any other direction I probably would have brushed it off as cartoonish.

The other thing I thought watching this trailer is this could have fully served as a short film.  Even at a measly two and a half minutes it tells a story and scared me for than a two and a half HOURS long horror movie.

I am officially sold on this movie and easily jumps to the top of my last as my most anticpated movie for the summer of 2013.  Makes me wonder what Wan has in store for us with Insidious Chapter 2.  Click here to see Wan and actor Patrick Wilson discuss the two films.

What are your thoughts?  You on board with me or am I getting all hopped up for it?  Don’t worry you will not hurt my feelings if you disagree.

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James Wan & Patrick Wilson Discuss Upcoming Horror Movie “The Conjuring”

James Wan has developed quite a name for himself in the horror world as the director of low budget hits like Saw and Insidious.  Now in post-production of his latest movie call The Conjuring, some details about the film are steadily starting to be released.  For those of you who are fans of shows like Ghost Hunters where paranormal experts try to make contact with spirits and draw conclusions on their existence.  Specifically this film will feature a look into Ed and Lorraine Warren.

For those of you who do not know who Ed and Lorraine Warren (like myself), they were the original investigators into the paranormal over 30 years ago before it was “cool.”  Any horror fan should be familiar with the classic The Amityville Horror, well Ed and Lorraine were the original investigators to look into the spiritual happenings in the house back in the late 1970’s.  Wan has stated in an interview that The Conjuring is going to be sort of a biopic about this couple who cases have inspired some of Hollywood’s most popular horror films.  Check out his brief interview with Clevver Movies:

After a panel session at the latest Comic-Con in New York it was said that The Conjuring will follow Ed and Lorraine’s outing to a Rhode Island farmhouse that has a witches curse on it that threatens a couple and their five children.  Not much else has been mentioned other than that Wan wants to stay as loyal to what Lorraine Warren had to tell them.

Casting features Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as the Warrens and Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston as the Rhode Island couple in the cursed home.  To watch an interview with Patrick will about The Conjuring, Watchmen, and an Insidious sequel click here.

It is currently scheduled for a July 2013 release and as soon as a trailer is officially release to the public I will post it here.



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