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Random Movie of the Week: Killer Klowns From Outer Space

You have to love when the title of a movie flat out says what the movie is about without having to seeing a plot synopsis.  For example, who could forget Snakes On A Plane.  Regardless what your opinion is of that movie the title alone indicates your interest without needing to investigate what that movie could possibly be about.  Another example is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, granted there is no mention of Leatherface but you can imagine the flat, deserted setting and gore galore.  So when you see the title for this week’s random movie, there is no question about what this movie is about, Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

If the title is not enough of a hint about the plot here is a brief synopsis:  Horny teens’ romantic plans are ruined by a space ship shaped like a circus tent that homes devious aliens that look like clowns.  The aliens begin taking control of the town, capturing the town folk in cotton candy punching bags in very clown-esque ways.  It is up to a couple and one good cop to stop these clowns since they are the only ones that know where the ship resides.  Check out the trailer here:

I will just state up front this movie is not meant to be taken seriously which is why it is just as much of a comedy as it is horror.  The movie has a very campy feel to it that I really liked.  The effects are really low budget even for the time and the acting is horrendous but that is what makes it campy and fun.  If you think normal clowns are creepy like a lot of people do, then you will find these ones pretty creepy or absolutely hilarious.  They are not just clowns, they are killer clowns and this is what makes this movie a classic horror gem.  The kills are not necessarily scary but really clever by fitting the alien killer clown theme.

Now there have been a lot of horror movie remakes as of late.  Even though the budget on this one was pretty low, this movie should not be remade.  Any of you who have read any of my previous posts know I have a strong stance against remakes of good movies.  Killer Klowns From Outer Space is so fun and cheesy that it is hard to watch it and not appreciate it.

A final note, I like to make comparisons to other movies.  Killer Klowns From Outer Space is a cross between the original The Blob and Mars Attacks!  I give this horror/sci-fi/comedy an 8/10.

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Men in Black III: Worthy Addition to the Series

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I was only seven when the first Men in Black movie came out back in 1997 and I remember most of all cringing in my seat when Edgar ate K.  I totally bought it that he was dead.  That was the best age to see movies because you understood what was going on but could never guess where it was going.  I laughed mostly at the physical comedy and never really read into the jokes exchanged between the characters like the racial jokes, K’s “hot sheets,” who is an alien and so on.  Men in Black is every geek who hopes for the existence extraterrestrial life’s dream.  Men in Black 2 was a entertaining continuation of where the first left off but Men in Black 3 I found to be a different breed of its own and I mean that in a good way.

A synopsis of Men in Black 3 is as follows:  Upon escaping from a high security prison on the moon, Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) goes back in time the eliminate Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) from current existence but Agent J (Will Smith) still remembers K while everyone else seems to have forgotten and must now go back in time to find a much younger K (Josh Brolin) to protect him from Boris.  Here is the trailer:

I have read reviews from other bloggers and they are so quick to put this movie down but I could not disagree more.  I really liked this movie!  Everyone seems to be poking holes in the time travel aspect of the story.  Which I get, I too could see some holes but really could care less about it.  It is not really that distracting considering whenever it was discussed they quickly would change the subject so there was not really time to dwell on it.  The story was very well done and moved along at a good pace.  There is comedy for all ages but I will say that a lot of the jokes from Smith did not really land at times and they missed a lot of potential with Bill Hader as Andy Warhal.  Then the much debated ending.  To be honest, I found it pretty touching and really explained why Agent K had so much faith in J in the first movie.  On a side note I, being a proud pug owner, I loved all the references to Frank even though he was not featured in the movie.

There were two performances that made the movie, Josh Brolin as the younger Agent K and Jemaine Clement as Boris the Animal.  People have been making a big deal of how uncanny Brolin’s impersonation of Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K and they should!  Brolin is great and actually had really good chemistry with Smith.  The one thing that kind of bothered me about Smith is that Agent J is supposed to have when with MIB for 14 years now and is a senior level something (I cannot remember his exact title) but he still acted and was treated like a rookie which I felt hindered the movie a tad.  Last but not least Jemaine Clement who I would have never guessed could have played a villain so well.  Boris was creepy and just a fierce alien that held no prisoners.

Final verdict:  8/10 even though the comedy is not up to par with the previous two films it makes up for it with the story and especially how the ending lines up with the original.  To me the ending makes the movie and will ultimately decide whether or not you like it.  Men in Black 3 is a fun sci-fi/action/comedy movie that people should enjoy.

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Damon Lindelof Comments on if Prometheus Viral Campaign & Trailer Spoil the Film?

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It is safe to say that Ridley Scott’s Prometheus has had some of the smartest marketing I have ever seen for a film.  Not only does it tease us with some of the horror and action to be seen but leaves a lot of questions in your mind about how it all comes together.  So there is still a lot of mystery behind the film and everyone is keeping a tight lip about it.  The reason for the secrecy is that the completed version of the film is much different from the original script because of the involvement Lost writer Damon Lindelof according to Adam Chitwood of

Prior to Lindelof tossing his two cents into the script for Prometheus, Jon Spaihts had written essentially a direct prequel to Scott’s Alien.  An interview with “Entertainment Weekly” reveals that it was actually Lindelof’s idea to have Prometheus be a “parallel prequel.”  I must say that is pretty genius because ever since Alien 3, the xenomorph and all its different forms have lost their flair.  Alien Resurrection and the AVP’s just were no good.  This also should allow for a Prometheus 2, should fans demand it.

Lindelof then goes on to comment on the viral campaign, the videos featuring Michael Fassbender as David 8 and Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland.  This is what helps place it in front of Alien if you were to plot it on a timeline.  In Alien, Weyland Industries is well established where as in Prometheus it is just starting out considering its creator is still young and alive.

The latest full length reveals a lot more about the events in Prometheus.  If you have not yet seen the trailer that debuted almost two weeks ago refer to one of my earlier blogs about it.  If you have seen it, do you think it showed too much?  Lindelof states that with a lot of trailers lately you walk out thinking you just saw the whole freaking movie, why would you want to go see it now?  As I stated earlier I think there is a good balance of what it does show and what is left to your imagination.

Now the final bit to the interview was about what does the title of the film/ship stand for and/or suggest?  As the myth goes, the Gods were uncertain over the potential intentions of the human race if give the power of fire.  So how does this apply to the film?  To put it plainly without giving too much of the Prometheus’ story, Lindelof says:

“So the essential story is:  I don’t want to give my kid this toy because eventually he will develop it into a weapon that will kill me.  So I will therefore withhold it from him.  And what is the price I must exact on somebody who betrays me?”

Does this mean the human in the film are given an opportunity of greatness and when they choose to do the wrong thing with it other worldly being will unleash a wrath upon them?  I cannot wait to see Prometheus!  For more on the story here is a featurette released not too long ago:


Consulted Article:

Chtiwood Adam. “Damon Lindelof Talks Turning an ALIEN Prequel into PROMETHEUS, the Viral Campaign, Revealing Too Much in Trailers and More.”  Date Published:  May 11, 2012.

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New Photos from David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis starring Robert Pattinson

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Whenever I see David Cronenberg’s name attached to any movie I know I in for something unique.  His films range for the abstract, such as Videodrome, The Fly, and eXistenZ, to his raw dramas, Eastern Promises and A History of Violence.  The later being a lot of his most recent film but now is returning to the kind of movies I can only describe as psychedelic with his latest venture, Cosmospolis.  Not much about the plot has been revealed just yet but reports the movie follows Pattinson who “plays a successful banker whose entire life unravels over the course of a single day.”  If you have not seen the trailer here it is:

It is no secret the Robert Pattinson’s involvement in Cosmopolis draws a lot of attention to it but it does appear to be a different kind of role for him.  Granted he usually plays a desired male lead but never in the form of a playboy.  I could be wrong though, he might not be a playboy in the film but judging from the near nude scene with Patricia McKenzie and the line from Sara Gadon that she “smelled sex all over” him, well I am just connecting some dots.  The trailer seems to hint that this care-free playboy is going about his day in his luxury limo until something seems to go wrong (some scandal) during the day that casts him into the presence of some unlikely company, one person being poor-hygiene character played by Paul Giamatti.  To be honest, Giamatti being in this film is what most interests me since he picks nothing but good scripts.

Here are some recently released stills of some of the other stars of Cosmopolis: Jay Baruchel, Kevin Durand, and Juliette Binoche:

(I do not own this photo)

(I do not own this photo)

(I do not own this photo)

Consulted Article:

Chitwood, Adam.  “New Images of Robert Pattinson, Jay Baruchel, and Samantha Morton in COSMOPOLIS.”  Date Posted:  May 8th, 2012.



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Latest on the Judge Dredd Reboot

Seems like a lot of sci-fi/action remakes or reboots are in order for the next year or so.  One that has long been in development is Dredd, a reboot of Judge Dredd staring Sylvester Stallone based on a comic book character far in the future that protects Earth’s residents from mutants from another Earth.  The title character will now be played by Karl Urban and a full synopsis from says:

“DREDD takes us to the wild streets of Mega City One, the lone oasis of quasi-civilization on Cursed Earth. Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is the most feared of elite Street Judges, with the power to enforce the law, sentence offenders and execute them on the spot – if necessary. Dredd’s latest challenge is Ma-Ma (Lena Headey), the matriarch of a gang that sells a reality-altering drug known as SLO-MO to the residents of Mega City One. With the help of a young trainee (Olivia Thirlby), Dredd must venture into some of the city’s worst places to dispense his ruthless brand of justice.”

Most recent news on the film comes from an interview with the antagonist, Ma-Ma played by Lena Headey who most of us probably recognize from HBO’s Game of Thrones.  She says this take on the film is “really British” and goes on to elaborated that it is more ominous and violent.  Heady states that Ma-Ma is a former prostitute that kills her pimps and takes the reins of his drug ring and is described as a “old great white shark” looking for something bigger and meaner to take her down.  And based on the pictures she definitely seems like an animal that has seen her share of  battles.

(Photo from

Something else I have gathered from other articles is that the title character will be depicted differently from the Sly Stallone version, for obvious reasons.  I think it is safe to say we will not be hearing any snappy one liners typical of Stallone’s movies.  Judge Dredd creator, John Wager, commented the Stallone was not a poor Stallone but that “Karl Urban will not remove his helmet and will not kiss his costar.”

So basically what I am getting from this film is that it is different from the Dredd we know just like the new Total Recall film will be practically a completely different story from the original.  Look forward to a trailer soon!


Consulted Articles:

Chitwood, Adam.  “New Image of Lena Headey in DREDD; Actress compares Her Character to a Great White Shark.”  Date published:  May 7, 2012

Outlaw, Kofi.  “Judge Dredd Creator Talks Reboot vs. Stallone Film.”  Date Published:  January 19, 2012.

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Prometheus to Receive “R” Rating

This is not all that surprising but a relief none the less.  I am sure that if Prometheus got a PG-13 rating, director Ridley Scott would still have found a way to thrill and scare us but by getting an R-rating opens the realm of possibilities of grotesque, sci-fi greatness so much more.  And there is no doubt in my mind that this movie will be anything but epic.  The latest trailer released last week for an international audience teases the horror to be seen this June.  It shows a slimy creature that appears to be a cross between an eel and cobra grabbing hold of a member of the crew and the presence of little worm-like things on the bodies of other members of the crew.  But to me the scariest part of the trailer is what appears to be the suffocation of one member in his suit outside the ship.  Hear are some stills from the trailer:

Now I am not sure if this is all of the same crew member since they are stills from different points in the trailer but I am guessing they are.  Maybe it is because I am a tad on the claustrophobic side but this picture scares the crap out of me.  Set so far in the future, it is terrifying that their advanced suits could not hold up to whatever caused this.

In case you missed my previous post about this film, I have never been so excited for any film.  The Alien franchise consumed my childhood with all the action figures and play sets that it feels like I am a kid again watching any Prometheus trailer.  Leave a comment on your favorite part of the trailer or what you think is the scariest.  If you have not seen it, here it is:

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Bruce Willis as Each Other in Looper

(Picture from

Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt never disappoint in their movies so there is no doubt that action/sci-fi movie Looper will follow suit.  For those that do not know about Looper, it follows Joe (Gordon-Levitt) a hitman in 2042 who assassinates individuals sent back in time by a mob in 2072 until his latest hit, his future self (Willis).  It is kind of an interesting premise right?  Here is the explosive trailer:

Naturally various time travels movies come to mind when you think about the premise.  Everything from Marty McFly venturing to his dad’s high school days in Back to the Future to the indie hit Primer.  So what makes this movie different from the others?  In my opinion the answer lies in the director, Rian Johnson.  One of his earlier films was, Brick, following a teenager diving in the crime ridden underworld of high school, another not so unusual premise right?  But they key is the way the story is told.  For those that have seen Brick know that what made the film good was that it does not follow the typical structure most stories follow.

Now what a lot of filmmakers might try to do now is have an actor play both part and but make-up on the older version.  So choosing to have two different actors is always iffy, especially when they are not really that much different in age that would make them appear too much different.  This is where the movie will excel.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt nailed looking a younger Bruce Willis and if you listen carefully trailer, Levitt even sounds like a scream Willis from Die Hard.

Any similarity?

The potential for the movie is so great.  I am a huge Bruce Willis fan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt going to be (if not already) going to be the biggest rising star in Hollywood.  Jeff Daniels and the sexy Emily Blunt also are attached to the project.  All of this on top off be directed by Rian Johnson who has worked with Levitt in the past and has proven he he has a unique vision for his films.

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