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Safe: The Enemy of My Enemy Better Be Jason Statham

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Jason Statham goes all out in his latest action packed movie, Safe.  If you like Statham’s other adrenaline pumping movie you will love this one.  As for those who criticize him for his lack of “acting” may be surprised by this one.

Last time I saw Statham on the big screen was for Killer Elite and I remember walking out incredibly disappointed.  At this point I had come to terms not to expect anything but action fun from Statham’s movies and I love them for that reason.  But Killer Elite even bothered me as being nothing special.  So I walked into Safe with moderate expectations and it blew me away.  If you have read my previous reviews you know I like comparing films that are similar, so I would have to say this combine elements of James Foley’s The Corruptor (rivaling gangs and corruption) and Harold Becker’s Mercury Rising (lone cop protecting adolescent with secret information).

Safe follows a former gun for hire, Luke Wright (Statham), living as a lone, homeless man following a run-in with the Russian mafia and is on the verge of suicide until he rescues a 12 year old Chinese girl, Mei (Catherine Chan), on the run from two feuding gangs because she holds the code they desperately need.  However, the code goes much deeper than just the rivaling Russian and Chinese gangs and into the corruption of New York City’s finest.  If what I have here does not make sense here is the trailer:

After the last couple Statham flicks I knew he was due for a good one.  Not only does he kick some serious bad-guy butt in Safe but he actually acts a little bit!  There is one scene of a flashback explaining Wright’s past with the Russian mafia that showcased some very impressive acting on the behalf of Statham, really cool to finally see it.  Catherine Chan was excellent as Mei, she played the perfect damsel in distress without being annoying or plain.  I don’t know where to begin with the villains.  There were so many!  James Hong as the Chinese gang leader was effective creepy and intimidating, Reggie Lee added unpredictability to his desperate character as Mei’s “father,” and Robert John Burke was just awesome as the corrupt Captain Wolf.

Safe definitely revived my faith that Jason Statham could still pick great action movies.  The complex story line and series of events made this a very fun ride for action audiences.  I give it a 8/10.

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