Aaron Eckhart Flexes Serious Muscle in Action/Thriller ERASED’s First Trailer

erased_aaron_eckhart_cia_conspiracyAaron Eckhart has proven he has the acting chops for whatever dramatic role comes his way.  Whether he is a spokesman for a tobacco company in Thank You For Smoking, a district attorney turned maniac in The Dark Knight, or a police officer in The Black Dahlia he turns out good performances.  But his one attempt to lead an action movie, Battle Los Angeles, was one of the most disappointing movies I have ever seen and his performance was completely cliché.  However, after seeing the trailer for Erased I am thinking Eckhart may have gotten an action movie right this time.

As first glance I thought this would be a sequel/remake/reboot to Schwarzenegger’s Eraser but director Philipp Stolzl (North Face) made the switch to this title after some lengthy production/post-production delays.  Erased had originally been titled The Expatriate and was supposed to have been released in fall of 2012.

Erased‘s plot follows a former CIA agent, Ben Logan (Eckhart), who is going about business as usual in his new international corporate life allowing him time with his 15 year old daughter (Liana Liberato) when suddenly it is as if the company he was working for never existed.  Empty rooms and no record of Logan ever being at the corporation allude to a conspiracy that sends Logan and his daughter on the run from those he thought he trusted in order to protect himself and his daughter. Here is the trailer:

The trailer makes Erased makes it appear to be a hybrid of Adjustment Bureau meets The Bourne Identity with some Taken thrown in at the end.  As to whether or not it will live up to thrilling action of the latter two movies (I did not particularly care for Adjustment Bureau) we will have to see.  The fact that there has been such a long delay for this one has me a bit nervous that this may be a mess while at the same time optimistic that they wanted a little more time to get it right.  But the premise and trailer give it some promise.

Currently Erased is set for a May 10, 2013 theatrical release but will be available April 5th on demand.

What are your thoughts on the trailer and Aaron Eckhart taking another stab at leading an action movie?

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