The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Movie Review

hobbit_an_unexpected_journey_movie_poster_reviewPeter Jackson returns to tell the story that sets up one of the most loved trilogies in cinema history and ironically enough he prequels it with another trilogy to tell the story of a single book.  Is that necessary?  I guess it is yet to be seen but I will not be able to judge since I am in the minority that never read J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

I most likely do not need to go into the plot of this movie since everyone knows it but here it goes:  Set in middle where if it is mythical it probably exist, a monstrous dragon known as Smaug is drawn to the dwarf inhabited mountain of Erebor by all it golden treasures leaving the all the dwarves without a home and a king.  Years later wizard Gandalf the Grey aids to assemble a team of 13 dwarves and a hobbit brave enough to conquer the obstacles that lay in the way of gain the dwarves home back including orcs, goblins, a mysterious evil killing the wildlife, trolls, and more.  Click here for the trailer.

As you can tell I am not a big fan of these Lord of the Rings/middle earth movies.  Do not get me wrong these movies are extremely well done and tell a complex story but to me they just feel silly.  Part of me just thinks that they make up the story as they go and throw in any imaginable creatures for three hours and call it an epic.  I mean if you gave Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans an extra hour each, are they going to in turn be considered epic?  Probably not.  With a movie series that has all these different creatures or species I fail to see its limits?  After watching the first trilogy with walking talking trees I wonder well where are the centaurs or those other things from those Sinbad movies/stories.  Or what are the limits of the wizards’ powers?  Why cannot Gandalf do this when he did that?  I know I am nitpicking this make believe world which is hypocritical of me since most of my favorite movies are action movies that are absolutely ridiculous but fantasy/magical world seems to just not interest me.

Sorry to rant there, I will now get to actually reviewing The Hobbit.  The movie looks great even in the 48fps which I will be honest I could not really tell it was.  Obviously it gives the appearance of the things on screen more definition, vibrant colors, and some people complained that it took their eyes a while to adjust but I would not have known it was 48fps had someone not told me.  Maybe I caught the 24fps showing I do not know.  I will say the 3D was unnecessary as usual to me.  My stance is that if the film is good enough you will feel like you are in that world without the 3D glasses and movies that should have 3D are terrible so they have to be gimmicky by having things pop out at you.

If there was one thing positive I could take away from The Hobbit is the spirit and nature of the dwarves.  You really felt for these dwarves because they were warriors but light hearted.  Also they are all artisans of some sort.  When they showed life before Smaug attacked the mountain all the dwarves were experts of different trades just like a real civilizations would.  This was something that I thought stood out from all the other middle earth films because what the hell do the hobbits do that they had such lavish lifes in their hobbit holes?  Or are all the damn elves wispy haired and natural marksman/woman with a bow – some you cannot tell if they are a man or woman (legitimately if Orlando Bloom didn’t speak I would have thought his character was female – not that it would make a difference either way)?

Sorry again that this review was mainly me bitching about this franchise that everyone seems to like.  I do not hate these films but I just see them as way overrated.  I acknowledge my hypocrisy since I like a lot of ridiculous and unbelievable action movies.  But I cannot discredit how good the movie looked and its good pace.  I give The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey a 7/10.

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