The Collection Review: Gory Slasher Fun

the_collection_collector_sequel_movie_poster_horror_booby_trapsThe booby-trap slasher, the Collector, is back after one of the more memorable slasher movies as he shows us what he has horded over the years in The Collection.  In the first installment audiences were shown what this mystery man was capable of turning an ordinary house hold into over night but The Collection shows us what he managed to do to a warehouse where he spends countless nights with those he specifically chooses to go home with him.

A brief introduction to the plot is as follows:  The Collector makes his biggest trap yet as he butchers patrons of a hidden night club.  Amongst the mayhem Arkin (Josh Stewart) is able to escape for the chest he has been imprisoned in for months but the Collector fills the chest with Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick).  Arkin is then blackmailed and recruited by Elena’s wealthy father to aid a squad of men through the Collectors warehouse where they unearth the Collector’s devious creations.  Click here for the trailer.

The Good:  A good mix of old and new.  Writer/director Marcus Dunstan is back at the helm and his passion for the genre and this edgier, modern slasher that utilizes traps, knives, and guns; a dangerous trio for the good guys.   Josh Stewart reprises his role as Arkin who is now a seasoned vet when it comes to the Collector’s ways.  He knows where to expect triggers for any of the rigs the Collector has set up.  The new features the expanded fun-house shenanigans in the warehouse and a leading lady that not the typical victim.  The warehouse does a lot for developing the Collector and his methods behind the torture and kidnapping by shedding some light on his interests in insects which was interesting.  The highlight of the film to me was Emma Fitzpatrick as Elena to be honest.  I say this because she is one of the few female leads I have seen in recent horror movies that is not annoying and I really found myself pulling for her to escape.  She is smart, resourceful, and never really begs for sympathy.  It gets really annoying when these characters sulk and scream at every attack of the killer.  But Elena is a much stronger and likeable protagonist.


The Bad:  Granted there was a slightly bigger budget for the Collection over its predecessor but the effects were kind of cheesy.  The traps were much more elaborate so I am sure they needed some CGI doctoring along with the gore they create but sometimes it was just laughable.

Final Verdict:  As you can see the good far outweigh the bad to me.  Fans of The Collector should enjoy The Collection.  It was cool to see what the Collector was doing with people like Arkin that was locked in the chests and some cool new traps.  There surely will be a third, at least I hope so.  I give The Collection an 8/10.

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