Wreck-It Ralph: Video Game Nostalgia

It is always funny to look back at the video games you used play as a kid and see how primitive the technology and graphics were.  But today there are still place to find these block-ie video games at arcades for the price of a quarter or two.  This is the setting for Wreck-It Ralph.

A collection of arcade games both old and new that live out the same functions over and over according to their code.  Each character’s role is the same every time the game is played.  The bad guy is always the bad guy and the good guy is always good by always winning in the end.  But Ralph (voiced by John C. Riley) is getting a little tired of losing time and time again to Fix It Felix Jr., the hero of Ralph’s game.  Fed up with being the bad guy Ralph decides to prove he is worthy of being a hero to the others in the game by jumping to a different game and bring back a victory medal.  Click here for the trailer.

Wreck-It Ralph is nearly on par with some of my favorite animation films like Toy Story and Wall-E.  The main reason I say that is because of how clever their stories are.  In Toy Story the toys secretly come alive when people are not watching; I think that is every kid’s dream.  In Wall-E we got a look at a future where people have become too dependent on technology.  Wreck-It Ralph shows us what goes one when the arcade closes.  Characters in the game are able to travel through the power cord to a sort of junction where they all can hang out with characters from other games including those whose games have been unplugged.  Plus the support group for bad guys is a great concept.

To help better convey the separate games, the films animators do a great job of helping you keep the game worlds separate without having to even stating  it.  You can look at the characters and tell which are from the same game and which ones are not.  As far as the 3D is concerned, I did not find it too necessary.  I mean nothing really popped out of the screen at you but I am of the belief that 3D is unnecessary for movies that you can easily put yourself into.

Acting with animation movies are always tough to judge.  You hear all the time that actors show up and spend a few hours reading the lines and then that is it.  I watched an interview the other day on AMC Theatre’s YouTube page where they interview John C. Reilly and he talks about how the animator said he was much more enthusiastic with reading his line did as much acting with his body as he did his voice in the studio (click here for that interview).  His efforts in the studio definitely show which I am sure helped fuel the animators to make this movie as much fun as it was.  And I do not think they could have casted Vanellope any better than Sarah Silverman because of her high pitched, annoying voice.  Not much acting there to be honest with Vanellope’s obnoxious demeanor.  I will say that she becomes much less annoying as her relationship builds with Ralph and you develop a better understanding of her game.

Wreck-It Ralph is easily my favorite animated movie of the year.  Its story is well thought out with how the game characters connect and the rules for survival outside of their games.  I give it an 8/10.

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