Armie Hammer Rumored as Potential Batman for Justice League

With the success of the Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, it is no surprise DC Comics and Warner Brothers studios are toying with the idea of a Justice League movie.  At this point, everything is speculation and rumors with nothing set in stone or at least that I am aware of.  For those not that comic book savy (like myself) the Justice League is a collection of super heros of the DC universe including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and more.  As with The Avengers the list of heros at one point associated with the superhero team goes on but those are just a few of the staples of the Justice League.

What helped make The Avengers so success was that it did not need to explain the back story of all the characters since most the heros had their own movies prior so you are able to jump into action right away.  Many say this is what DC Comics is looking to do.

This will most likely mean starting fresh with the character of Batman.  Main reason being Bale and Nolan both stated they are leaving the Batman they created which does not closely follow the comics – or so I was told after it tried to tackle the task of making an “authentic” super hero.  Another reason is that trying to continue that story Nolan told, would not work.  I could be wrong but no one can create an atmosphere that Nolan was able to with his Batman films so it may be wise to start fresh.

That said, who will be the knew Batman?  Again there is nothing saying this will happen but the internet bloggers like myself will have fun with the idea of the potential.  Now an article from  (click here for the article) is suggesting Armie Hammer is in a strong lead for the role, which is an interesting suggestion.  There is no debate that he has a presence on screen with his six foot five inch stature and being a pretty good dramatic actor as he proved in Social Network and J. Edgar.  Also he is going to be playing to be playing the title role in The Lone Ranger opposite of Johnny Depp.  I was a tad skeptical thinking wow this guy will be playing two masked heros, why would he do that?  Then I was reminded that Chris Evans went from being in the Fantastic Four movies to being a great Captain America so I guess we will have to see.

My first question is what do you think of Armie Hammer at a potential Batman?

The other question I am thinking is if they choose to abandon Nolan’s universe he made his Batman trilogy, will they choose to go with what was created in Mark Campbell’s Green Lantern?

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