Final Quarter of Movies in 2012

There have been a lot of big movies to hit theaters this year so it is not a surprise that there are plenty yet to come.  In this post I will pick 10 movies that are set to be released between now and the New Year that I am most excited for.  You will probably notice the absence of some of the biggest films of the fall/winter but I will explain why I left them off the list.

10.   Hyde Park On Hudson

Bill Murray takes on yet another more dramatic role as Franklyn Delano Roosevelt who starts a “love affair” with Margaret Stuckley (Laura Linney), his distant cousin, that he has invited to spend time with him to help get his mind off being president all while England’s royalty comes to visit his abode in the country side of upstate New York.  Naturally since Murray is involved, this film is also labeled as being a comedy.  So even though this is kind of a biography/drama we can certain expect a good amount of wit as well.  Plus a lot of Murray’s recent films that I have enjoyed have been a bit more dramatic so I look forward to his performance in this one.  Click here for the trailer.     Release Date:  December 7th

9.    Flight

Flight is the latest from director Robert Zemeckis who did Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and the Back to the Future trilogy.  Denzel Washington plays Whip, a veteran commercial pilot, who pulls off a miracle landing that even computer simulation could not have done but further investigations reveal that Whip may not be much of a hero after all and could very well be the cause for the falling aircraft.  Zemeckis rarely disappoints and this intriguing plot has a great cast to support it including John Goodman, Don Cheadle, and Melissa Leo.  Click here for the trailer.     Release Date:  November 2nd

8.    Argo

Ben Affleck is really beginning to prove himself to be a quality director and Argo has the potential to be his best yet.  Amidst high tensions in Iran, six Americans are forced to hide with a Canadian ambassador until Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) can essemble a fake Canadian film crew to go in to Iran to film a fake science-fiction film in an effort to help the six Americans escape.  The film’s cast also include Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Alan Arkin, and Victor Garber.  Being that it is set back in the seventies, it has the same feel to me as the film Stander which I am a big fan of.  Click here for the trailer.     Release Date:  October 12th

7.    Paranormal Activity 4

Okay based on what I have read on other people’s blogs, I am one of the few who is not sick of the found footage feel of a lot of new horror movies so long as it is done right.  I am not going to get into the plot because we know it.  Things suddenly getting “weird” in a rich person’s house so they get cameras all over the place to try and catch whatever it is and let the ghostly fun begin.  People can rip on the “this has been done to death” all they want but I still always find it to be a fun experience in a full theater.  You cannot deny the tension it build in some people which makes it entertaining for others in the theater.  Click here for the trailer.     Release Date:  October 19th

6.    Deadfall

Deadfall seems to be gliding under everyone’s radar.  Sibling criminals (Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde) make a break for the Canadian border when their car crashes and the two are forced to separate.  Wilde’s character then befriends a country boy (Charlie Hunnam) who resides right near the border but things get complicated when local police begin looking for the criminals responsible for the death of one of their own.  And this casting is stacked with Bana, Wilde, Hunnam, Sissy Spacek, Kris Kristofferson, Treat Williams, and Kate Mara.  Click here to watch the chilly thriller’s trailer.     Release Date:  November 21st

5.    Skyfall

The most extensive action movie franchise gets another addition and it is shaping to be a worthy one.  Daniel Craig reprises the role of James Bond and not too much is known about the plot right now other than that Bond’s superior M (Judi Dench) is in danger and Bond has to help protect her.  There is no the physical obtrusiveness Craig bring to a role that has depended on gadgets for too long now.  Two noteworthy castings are Ralph Fiennes who appear to also be a member of the British secret service and Javier Bardem and the films villain, Raoul Silva, who is described as flamboyant and volatile.  Click here for the trailer.     Release Date:  November 9th

4.    The Collection

A lot of criticism for this movie’s predecessor The Collector was that it too closely resembled some of the Saw sequels of a fun house with tortuous traps.  If you are unfamiliar with that movie click on the link to watch the trailer which sums it up pretty well.  The sequel will feature the escaped protagonist (Josh Stewart) who is enlisted by a mob boss looking to bring back his daughter who is being held captive by this hard rubber masked deviant known as the Collector.  Many of my friends were upset with the ending of the first one and I was too but all the twisted traps made the movie a lot of fun and this one looks to have some next level traps.  Click here for the trailer.     Release Date:  November 30th

3.    Seven Psychopaths

I remember seeing the movie In Bruges on a list called “The Best Movies No One Saw.”  That is not saying it did poorly in theaters it just did not get a wide release, at least not in any theaters near me.  Since that movie was on that list there is no denying that it has since gotten the positive attention it deserves.  That movie was from writer/director Martin McDonagh and his latest film follows a couple of small time dog-nappers that capitalize on the rewards until one of them inedvertanly takes the precious shih tzu of a gangster that will do anything to get it back.  Seven Psychopaths has an all star cast including Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson.  Click here for the trailer.     Release Date:  October 12th

2.    Les Miserables

Les Miserables is hands down my favorite musicals of all time but it has never been executed well off the stage.  That may change now that The King’s Speech director Tom Hooper is wrapping up some finishing touches of his take that features “live singing.”  Confused about what exactly that means?  Click here to see a behind the scenes look of how the actors are singing live every take with no prerecorded tracks.  I cannot give a plot summary there this one since it is such a complicated and well developed story that would take many paragraphs just to introduce it.     Release Date:  December 25th

 1.       Sinister

Most horror fans will admit the first Paranormal Activity was very well done and gave Oren Peli a window into making more horror.  But some had thoughts that he would be some one-hit wonder like Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez of The Blair Witch Project.  Then came Insidious, one of the scariest PG-13 movies in years.  Now Oren is not involved with Sinister but one of his fellow producers, Jason Blum is.  He is not well known for the horror movies he has produced but if he is producing another horror film, I am in.  Sinister follows a writer (Ethan Hawke) that moves into a house where he finds footage that suggest various family murders are a result of this pagan demon deity called a Bagul and must not protect his family from the demon he has just discovered.  Click here for the trailer.     Release Date:  October 12th

So there is my list.  I know I am missing some of the most anticipated films for a lot of other bloggers like Lincoln and the first installment of The Hobbit.  But after the movie about a vampire slaying Lincoln I just do not have an interest in yet another movie around this historic figure in the same year.  As for The Hobbit, I liked The Lord of the Rings trilogy and realized how perfectly made it was but the story just is not something I find much joy out of multiple views.  I know a lot of people can watch it over and over and I respect that but it just is not for me.

So what are some of your most anticipated films before the end of 2012?  Feel free to put them in the comment section below.  I know for a fact my list is not universal.  Thanks for reading!

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