Branded Movie Review: An Acquired Taste

The funny thing about Branded is that for a movie about the marketing/advertising/communication it seemed to be advertised as being a totally different movie than it really was.  But maybe that was the point.  Every movie-goer has fallen victim to advertising for a movie at some point.  Many could probably name dozens of movies off-hand that were completely different from what trailers suggest.  On IMDb, Branded is labeled as an action/drama/mystery which could not be more misleading.

Here is a brief synopsis of Branded:  Marketing genius Misha Galkin (Ed Stoppard) is on the verge of making what he believes will be the next greatest reality show with Abby Gibbons (Leelee Sobieski) about a woman that is about to undergo major weight-loss surgery.  Meanwhile, other major marketers put together a rival campaign to “make fat beautiful.”  A defeated Galkin runs away to the country side seeking an answer to combat his rivals.  The result is a battle over the minds of Russian consumers that are victims of whatever marketer choose to make them think.  Here is the trailer:

This movie will be hit or miss for audiences, mostly miss to be honest.  From the description above it sounds pretty straight forward but it is kind of an intelligent movie which helps and hurts it.  Now I took more joy in this movie since I was a marketing major in college and took a fair share of advertising/communication classes so a lot of ideas presented in Branded.  That is not to say if you did not take classes in advertising you will be lost you just may not appreciate it as much as was the case for one of friends.

As I started out saying this movie is not exactly as it was advertised for me.  It is labeled as action and mystery; well to me there was not much of either.  The action I just was the delusions Galkin was having of these brand monsters taking out each other.  But I failed to see the mystery in Branded.  So it is pretty interesting that a movie about advertising was not well advertised.  I would have labeled this as a comedy more than anything.

Branded did not score as poorly with me as it did with many other reviewers.  If you are interested in advertising this movie might strike a chord with you if you can get passed some of the weird delusions by its lead character.  I give it a 7/10.

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