Random Movie of the Week: Multiplicity (1996)

I think it is safe to say that most people feel there are just not enough hours in the day, week, or even month to do all the things you want and need to do.  Everyone think about how if they had a clone, they would make the clone do all the work while you relaxed, doing the things that you wish you had more time do.  But something is rarely considered is how would that clone feel about this arrangement?  If it were a perfect clone where it thought and acted just like you, wouldn’t the clone want the original you do all the work too while he/she relaxed?  Or if there were a subtle difference that made your ideal arrangement okay with the clone, who is to say what the people around you would say.  Maybe they would prefer the clone over the original.  I am obviously over analyzing the sci-fi situation but these are questions I began thinking about after this week’s random movie Multiplicity.

Here is a brief introduction to the plot of Multiplicity:  Doug Kinney (Michael Keaton) is an over-worked husband and father who is as married to his wife, Laura (Andie MacDowell), as he is to his stressful construction job.  After an outburst at one of his most job sites, Doug meets a scientist who claims to have discovered the secrets to human cloning that allows him the time to spend with his family and do the hobbies he never had time to do.  But soon Doug finds his life steadily getting more complicated no matter how many clones of him there are.  Here is the trailer:

This is just a plain fun Harold Ramis comedy.  It has that witty and quirky humor that I tend to associate him with.  There are not necessarily any great one-liners but there is great banter and hysterical situations that are sure to make you laugh.  Now being that this is a comedy more than anything else, there are obvious flaws in the logic of how Doug is able to mask the one, then two, and finally three clones camped out in his guest house and how there always manages to be a car available to all of them.  But when watching it you really do not think of it that much because it is such a light movie that is meant to be fun.

Now as you probably figured, this movie will only be as good as its lead actor, Michael Keaton, performs which is great.  As I mentioned in a previous post I feel he is extremely underrated as an actor.  Now this is not like Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, or Tyler Perry who when they play multiple characters in a film they all look drastically different.  Granted the clones are all a tad different one being slightly more macho, another a little more in touch with his sensitive side, and the third… well being a clone of one of the other clones has some special needs but still is the same Doug.  And watch Keaton embody each of these personas is just so much fun to watch and for 1996 is really looks like there is four Michael Keatons in the room.

Multiplicity is a fun comedy that does not dwell on its sci-fi cloning implications but definitely presents a unique take on the often toyed with thought of “what would I do if I had a clone?”  I give it an 8/10.  If you are looking to watch it for free and legal means to watch this online, click here to watch it on Crackle.com.

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