Random Movie of the Week: Student Bodies (1981)

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These days like clockwork we get a parody that cheaply mocks the most recent successful/well-known movies.  Ever since Scary Movie we have gotten a slew of horror parodies/sequels which have turned into action parodies like Epic Movie or Superhero Movie.  These movies are intended to be poorly made but it is not even like the comedy makes up for it.  They just are not like the parodies from Mel Brooks or the ones starring Leslie Nielson like Dracula:  Dead and Loving It.  I know there are better examples but that is one that they both worked on together that I liked.  This brings me to this week’s random movie of the week Student Bodies, one of the original horror movie parodies.

A brief plot synopsis of Student Bodies is as follows:  Murder plagues a small town high school as a serial killer called the Breather goes on a rampage taking both students and members of the faculty in unorthodox manners.  All finger are pointed at one of the students, Toby (Kristen Riter), as she tries to figure out who the Breather is before any more classmates turn up dead.  Here is the trailer:

I think it is safe to say that this is the horror movie spoof that started it all.  Mickey Rose who wrote and co-directed the film summed up everything about horror movies of the seventies and early eighties.  And a lot of the elements of horror films they poked fun at are still true.  If you are wondering who Rose is he wrote for a lot of popular television shows in the seventies and co wrote some Woody Allen films.  But back to the movie, there are just so many things that had me laughing from the name of the killer to the subtitles that walk you through the stereotypical path of a slasher film of this time.

As far as the acting is concerned I am torn.  I mean the acting for horror movies of this time is legendarily poor.  Which I think works to the film’s advantage.  The actors can over act as much as they want.  But something I thought to myself during the movie was I wonder if they meant for this to be something serious then when editing they saw how poor the acting was that they reshaped it into a parody.  I am not saying that is what happened but it was definitely a fun thing to think about while watching this.  The one noteworthy person in this movie seem to have vanished off the earth since is a awkwardly tall and double jointed comedian only know as The Stick who plays Malvert the Janitor and he just steals the movie.

If you like horror movies or any parodies whatsoever you should definitely check out Student Bodies I you have not already seen in.  I give it a 8/10 because it is surprisingly more raunchy that you would expect without being ridiculous or drifting away too far from that fact it is suppose to be a horror movie too.

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