Movie Review: Seeking Justice

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People have been very harsh on Nicolas Cage lately.  I honestly do not understand why.  I mean there have been a few movies where I found myself thinking “What?  Nic Cage is better than this.”  But I think a lot of the criticism is undeserved.  He is still a great actor just has had some questionable movie choices as of late (mainly the Ghost Rider movies and Drive Angry).  Other than that I kind of liked Knowing and The Weather Man which every else was quick to throw aside as terrible.  So when I saw the trailer for Roger Donaldson’s Seeking Justice all I thought was this will be the movie to put him back in audience’s good graces.  (Warning this review will contain spoilers)

Seeking Justice follows Will Gerard (Nic Cage) who unintentionally enlists the help of a mysterious man named Simon (Guy Pearce) he meets in the hospital waiting room after his wife (January Jones) was attacked by an unknown man.  The “help” Simon offers is to bring this assailant to justice but in return Will has to do something for Simon when he is called upon which unleashes a vicious cycle of events that has Will constantly looking over his shoulder and regretting that he ever got involved with Simon.  Here is the trailer:

I am just going to throw it out there that this movie is cleverer than it appears.  It may seem like another vengeance movie and it kind of is but there is a lot of thinking to it.  Just as a heads up here is where the spoilers start.  The organization that Simon works has an interesting turnover rate shall we say.  The fact that it is a chain of people in Will Gerard’s situation doing the act of vengeance for other people who are experiencing the same hardships is really a cool concept.  The fact that neither Simon nor any of his henchmen get their hands dirty with the ones who committed the crime is a genius way of having no trail back to them.  And this is a very plain explanation of what is going on in this movie which is why you need to see it.  No pun intended but I know I am not doing it justice.

So back to Nicholas Cage, will this movie redeem him in audience’s eyes?  I hope so.  He gives a pretty good performance, not his best but still good.  There are times I think he is too visibly paranoid.  For example there is a scene at a vending machine where he is overly anxious when he sees a cop watching him.  But hey, he picked a good script in my eyes.  Guy Pearce is awesome as always.  He does a good job of appearing professional and buddy/buddy with Cage’s character when you can still see a devious and creepy look in his eyes.  As for January Jones, well she was January Jones.

Final verdict, if you were looking for an action/thriller that redeems your faith Nicolas Cage, definitely check out Seeking Justice.  Roger Donaldson delivers another thriller with twists and turns to satisfy any action fan.  I give it an 8/10.

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