Review of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

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A lot of people have been talking about how excited they were for Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter to come out after reading the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith.  Even though I had not read the novel myself I was just as excited to see.  Recently there has been a lot of taking well known stories and tossing vampires or zombies into it (my favorite being Pride And Prejudice And Zombies).  I remember sitting in a theater the first time I saw the trailer and hearing the other people in the theater’s reaction which could be placed in one of the two following categories:  (1) “That is going to be sweet” or (2) “Seriously?  Another vampire movies… with Lincoln?”  I found myself torn between the two, I am getting a little tired of vampire movies but at the same time the trailer is pretty sweet.

A brief introduction to the plot is as follows:  As a adolescent, Abraham Lincoln watched his mother get murdered by a vampire after he interfered with his father’s boss attacking his friend and slave, Will.  Years later, now as a young adult (Benjamin Walker) he unsuccessfully attempts to kill the man who attacked his mother and is saved by Henry Sturgess (Dominic Cooper).  While recovering from his injuries, Lincoln requests the training of Sturgess to seek vengeance on his mother’s killer but Sturgess will only help if Lincoln promises to combat all other vampires he may come across including vampire leader, Adam (Rufus Sewell).  Here is the trailer:

As I said I was looking forward to seeing this movie.  Hearing that it was produced by Tim Burton made me confident that the visuals in the movie would be cool and they were.  Now let it be clear that the premise is ridiculous but that does not mean it could not be fun.  That said, there is such thing as too ridiculous.  I am a fan of axe-wielding mayhem as much as any action/sci-fi/horror fan but there were times even I found myself thinking “Common, what?”  Was it clever?  Of course.  I am no history buff so I cannot poke holes in if this “underground” life of his could line up with actual events but my problem was that I would see all this just-in-the-nick-of-time action and it would toss me out of the movie.

The highlights of the movie are definitely in the acting.  Benjamin Walker is practically a spitting image of a younger Liam Neeson and acting skills to match.  He had that deep booming voice and tall, frail frame that made him perfect for the role.  Well maybe not frail, no lead actors these days are frail.  Put simply he was a good Lincoln.  The other person to take not of is definitely Rufus Sewell as the Adam, he was creepy, devious, and arrogant.  But something about his appearance kept distracting me until about half-way through the movie went it hit me, he looks like Roger Daltrey of the band The Who!  And then Sewell stopped being creepy and instead I would laugh whenever is saw him and sing in my head “I won’t be fooled again!”

Sewell (left) & Daltrey (right). Okay they are not identical but it distracted me from the movie every time I saw Sewell put on his baby blue shades.

Overall, pretty disappointed with how this one came out.  I give it a 5/10.  Just was not up to the hype for me and I hope the book was better.

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