Random Movie of the Week: One Week (2008)

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Over the last two or three years I have really began to embrace independent movies.  They feel so fresh, raw, and just do not seem to follow the same rules or guidelines as the main stream more popular titles that you hear people talking about around the water cooler.  I think it is because independent films have no one to please but the filmmakers (just an opinion).  From what it seems indie flicks come out the way the filmmakers envisioned them rather than how the studio wants them to look or include.  One of the words I used early to sum up indie films to me is “raw.”  What I mean by raw is that they have a very authentic and un-doctored (I guess you could say).

That said, this week’s random movie is a Canadian independent movie called One Week.  One week follows Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson), a young teacher who has done nothing but settle for what he has in life (fiancé, job, hobbies) until he gets diagnosed with cancer.  Being a person who has always played things safe, doing what other have told him or expected of him he questions how something like this could happen to him considering he has never really lived his life. Despite the wishes of his loved ones, Ben embarks on a trip on a motorcycle his wife would not let him have across Canada for one week.  Here is the trailer:

Now I am sure readers are thinking one of two things:  (1) “I love Joshua Jackson I have to see this!” or (2) “Joshua Jackson?  Seriously?  I’ll pass.”  I will admit that I fall into the latter.  Jackson has never been able to outgrow his role as fast talking, wise cracking character Pacey from Dawson’s Creek even though many praise him in his current TV series Fringe.  But my new found love for indie films drew me to this one and turns out I could not have been more wrong about Mr. Jackson.  He was fantastic in this film.  His performance as Ben an everyday average guy really establishes a connection with the audience with that idea of “settling” for what you have.  I think that is something everyone finds themselves doing even if you are one of those “Type A” personalities.  Being a recent college graduate that settled for the bottom of the barrel entry level position, this really hit home for me.

Prior to this movie I have never heard of Michael McGowan but I really look forward to seeing what else he has to offer in the future.  McGowan wrote and directed One Week so much of the films perks can be directly credited to him.  Its story is one you can really get behind and appreciate.  The thought of someone who knows they have never really lived there life deciding to take charge for one is always inspiring.  Seeing him hit landmarks of different cities he goes through was funny, touching, and interesting, best of which is a scene featuring the NHL’s Stanley Cup with a mini story of its own that was cute.

Overall, it is an 8/10 for me.  One Week’s drama feels very real, raw, and relatable.  This is one of the “seize the day” type movies so there are clichés and so forth which is not everyone’s kind of movie but the acting, direction, and scenery make the movie a great watch.  If you have an Amazon Prime account this one is streaming for free right now so go check it out!

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  1. #1 by 1 book 1 movie on June 26, 2012 - 11:00 PM

    This is on my Netflix queue, glad you liked it! Your review makes me want to see it sooner now!

    • #2 by rochpikey on June 27, 2012 - 7:40 PM

      Yeah definitely check it out! It is one of those “seize the day” type movies but is still a good watch. Thanks for the comment and when you do get around to watching it let me know what you thought!

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