Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Have a Big 2012 Second Half

Entering June, we must realize we are almost half through another year of movies, some great and some not.  Looking forward to the remainder of 2012 there are still some high publicity films four of which feature Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is steadily becoming one of the bigger names in Hollywood (and I do not just say that because he has a longer name).

Last week a new poster was released for Looper.  For those that do not know about Looper, it follows Joe (Gordon-Levitt) a hitman in 2042 who assassinates individuals sent back in time by a mob in 2072 until his latest hit, his future self (Willis).  Curious as to how close Gordon-Levitt looks to Willis?  Click here to see for yourself.  But Looper will not be released until late September so there is still a lot of time to get excited for this one.

(Photo from

The fastest approaching film with Gordon-Levitt is the highly anticipated third installment to Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises.  If you do not know anything about this film I would honestly be impressed.  Set pictures, videos, interviews, promotion art, and more are everywhere about this so I am not going to bother talk about plot detail and how big this movie is.  Although I am not entirely sure what Gordon-Levitt’s role is in it but I know he is a police officer.

Another film gaining some attention now is Robert Koepp’s Premium RushPremium Rush is about Wilee, a bike messenger in the city that picks up an envelope that has the unwanted attention of a lot of potentially dangerous people.  For those who do not know Koepp, I guarantee you know his movies just do not recognize the name.  He written some of the best action movies of the last two decades and even done some directing, including one of my personal favorites, Stir of Echoes.  Premium Rush is set to hit theaters August 24, 2012.  This should test what star power Gordon-Levitt may hold as a leading man.

Gordon-Levitt in Premium Rush (left), The Dark Knight Rises (center), and Looper (right).

Finally, to conclude 2012 Steven Spielberg will take us through how Abraham Lincoln led the North to victory in the Civil War in Lincoln.  This film holds a lot of promise since it has Spielberg at the reins and stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee-Jones, Jackie Earle Haley, Sally Field and more talented actors.  Gordon-Levitt is set to play one of Lincoln’s son and not much else is known about his role in the Civil War.  Below is a set photo from

(Photo from

Needless to say I am becoming a big Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan.  These four movies are some of the bigger films of the remainder of the year that I am looking forward to seeing.  Below are the trailers in case you have not seen them or want to watch them again.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer:

Premium Rush Trailer:

Looper Trailer:

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