Men in Black III: Worthy Addition to the Series

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I was only seven when the first Men in Black movie came out back in 1997 and I remember most of all cringing in my seat when Edgar ate K.  I totally bought it that he was dead.  That was the best age to see movies because you understood what was going on but could never guess where it was going.  I laughed mostly at the physical comedy and never really read into the jokes exchanged between the characters like the racial jokes, K’s “hot sheets,” who is an alien and so on.  Men in Black is every geek who hopes for the existence extraterrestrial life’s dream.  Men in Black 2 was a entertaining continuation of where the first left off but Men in Black 3 I found to be a different breed of its own and I mean that in a good way.

A synopsis of Men in Black 3 is as follows:  Upon escaping from a high security prison on the moon, Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) goes back in time the eliminate Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) from current existence but Agent J (Will Smith) still remembers K while everyone else seems to have forgotten and must now go back in time to find a much younger K (Josh Brolin) to protect him from Boris.  Here is the trailer:

I have read reviews from other bloggers and they are so quick to put this movie down but I could not disagree more.  I really liked this movie!  Everyone seems to be poking holes in the time travel aspect of the story.  Which I get, I too could see some holes but really could care less about it.  It is not really that distracting considering whenever it was discussed they quickly would change the subject so there was not really time to dwell on it.  The story was very well done and moved along at a good pace.  There is comedy for all ages but I will say that a lot of the jokes from Smith did not really land at times and they missed a lot of potential with Bill Hader as Andy Warhal.  Then the much debated ending.  To be honest, I found it pretty touching and really explained why Agent K had so much faith in J in the first movie.  On a side note I, being a proud pug owner, I loved all the references to Frank even though he was not featured in the movie.

There were two performances that made the movie, Josh Brolin as the younger Agent K and Jemaine Clement as Boris the Animal.  People have been making a big deal of how uncanny Brolin’s impersonation of Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K and they should!  Brolin is great and actually had really good chemistry with Smith.  The one thing that kind of bothered me about Smith is that Agent J is supposed to have when with MIB for 14 years now and is a senior level something (I cannot remember his exact title) but he still acted and was treated like a rookie which I felt hindered the movie a tad.  Last but not least Jemaine Clement who I would have never guessed could have played a villain so well.  Boris was creepy and just a fierce alien that held no prisoners.

Final verdict:  8/10 even though the comedy is not up to par with the previous two films it makes up for it with the story and especially how the ending lines up with the original.  To me the ending makes the movie and will ultimately decide whether or not you like it.  Men in Black 3 is a fun sci-fi/action/comedy movie that people should enjoy.

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  1. #1 by ianthecool on June 2, 2012 - 12:47 PM

    You know, oddly, I have almost the same opinion, but I liked the movie less. Even though I liked the story, I still felt like they didn’t fully explore it.

    • #2 by rochpikey on June 2, 2012 - 12:58 PM

      You’re right they definitely could have gone deeper and I sure in the original write up they had more planned but I can’t help but feel the studio wanted them to cut down on the run time. Thanks for the comment!

  2. #3 by CMrok93 on June 2, 2012 - 3:33 PM

    Didn’t like this movie a whole lot, but I still had a good time and thought that it had a lot more laughs and thrills than the second one. I know that’s not saying much, but still, I had fun. Good review.

    • #4 by rochpikey on June 3, 2012 - 11:56 AM

      Thanks! Yeah I understand it isn’t everyone’s kind of movie and is definitely more about having a good time watching it.

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