Random Movie of the Week: Heavyweights

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When people look back at the family/comedy movies they enjoyed as a kid, they usually think, “Wow, I actually thought this was funny.”  This is especially true for television shows but sadly it applies to movies too.  Being a child of the 90’s, I used to love movies like Good Burger, a spin-off of the Nickelodeon show All That, and all the vintage Disney animation films.  But most of them obviously lose their luster once you hit a certain age.  One of the few movies to deny this tradition, in my opinion, is Heavyweights.  Maybe it is because I was in the same boat as its characters being a chubby adolescent or maybe because it was one of the early films to feature both Jerry and Ben Stiller.  Either way I love this movie just as much now as I did when it came out nearly twenty years ago.

For those that have not seen or heard of Heavyweights, the synopsis is as follows:  Gerry (Aaron Schwartz) upon arriving home from school for the start of summer find out his parents signed him up for a summer long weight-loss camp or, as many others may call it, a fat camp.  With all the reluctance in the world, Gerry is force to go to the camp and comes to find that this camp is anything but a weight loss but a sweets-filled, all play, fun camp full of kids just like him.  Unfortunately the camp’s owners (Jerry Stiller being one of them) sells the camp to an egotistic, exercise freak, Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller), that plans to turn the camp into a weight-loss infomercial product.  Gerry and his friend now have to do whatever it takes to get the camp restored to its old ways.  Here is the trailer:

Even though this is a Disney movie, this movie really is fun for everyone.  It does not have right production value but what family movie does?  The comedy in this movie is very light-hearted and is very relatable for anyone.  Plus it is one of the few Judd Apatow written films that is not vulgar and still funny!  The film does follow that formula typical of any Disney movie in terms of the order of events everything being okay to facing adversity in the face and then going back to okay.  It is kids acting for the most part so you cannot be tough on anyone but these kids were hysterical together.  That on top of all the cameos be actors who are in all sorts of well known comedies these days, you cannot go wrong watching this.

My verdict:  a 10/10 sincee I related so much to this movie because of how I too was picked on as a kid for being overweight.  That on top of just good family fun I do not know anyone that does not like or love this movie.

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