Latest Trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man”

(I do not own this photo)

This new trailer reveals more about what to expect from the new take on the hero we all thought we knew (assuming you have not read the comic books and know this version of the story).  It shows how full of action Marc Webb’s super hero tale will be.  Something worth taking note of in this trailer is how it is attempting to inject some plausibility into the idea of Spider-Man.  What I mean is that the trailer seems to elude to the fact that the web we see coming from Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) wrist is actually some miniature contraption and not actually from beneath the skin of his arms.  Having not read the comics I am not sure if this is how it actually is but it makes me think they are trying to make the hero more “real” much in the sense Christopher Nolan has done for his Batman character in his trilogy.  Of course the hole in my theory is that Spider-Man will be combating a scientist turned giant, muscular lizard.  Let me know what you think:

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