Random Movie of the Week: Stander

(Picture from wikipedia.com)

Thomas (Tom) Jane is known for many different macho roles, but none quite on the level of this week’s random movie, Stander.  This action/crime/biography follows the true story of Captain Andre Stander in the 1970’s.  Stander is a freshly re-married South African cop who chooses to be on the other side of the bars after mishandling a riot situation that leaves a young protestor dead and the end of his smoking barrel.  Stander turns to cleverly robbing banks as a means of righting all that he and his fellow officers had wronged.  Stander’s strengths includes strong performance by its lesser known actors, plausible crime scenarios, bits of comedic wit, and effective action scenes.  If you like Public Enemies or The Bank Job you will enjoy this movie.  By the way, if you are a fan of soundtracks and music scores for movies you will definitely appreciate the selection of 70’s classics in this film.  Here is a brief trailer that does not give too much away like many other trailers do:

I consider myself to be a fan of Tom Jane’s movies.  Most will recognize him from his roles in The Mist, Deep Blue Sea, The Punisher, and Dreamcatcher, all entertaining films that feature a good performance on his part.  However, the role he should be known for is his portrayal of Andre Stander.  Jane is one of the few actors that can play a tough, macho role as well as very real and dramatic roles, such as Stander and 61* (where he plays the role of Mickey Mantle).  His accent was pretty convincing to me, but I have not heard too many South African accents except for Earnie Els and Retief Goosen so I could be wrong.  He is very good at conveying the sense of uneasiness his character is feeling on the inside while trying to appear calm and intimidating on the outside.  Stander is a very interesting character considering the setting of the film being set in the 1970s before all the advances in security.

Jane may be recognizable name in the film but that does not mean he is the only one with the ability to act.  The whole cast shines as being very authentic to the times and location.  Dexter Fletcher and David O’Hara played great acquaintances to Stander, each adding a different element to the team that both aided and hindered the robberies.  Bronwen Hughes’ directing was effective allowing for great story telling that does not leave many details out.

The action/crime/biography Stander is my favorite Tom Jane performance.  It features a lot of action, wit, and clever means of robbing banks while evading police.  A definite 9/10.


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