RMoW: Foolproof

This week’s random movie of the week is one of those movies you check out on a rainy day or when there is nothing good on TV and you end up seeing famous actors in lesser known films before they became starsFoolproof is a 2003 Canadian action/comedy is about a trio of friends (Ryan Reynolds, Kristin Booth, and Joris Jarsky) that assemble a masterful plan for a heist until a gangster gets involved and blackmails them into a different heist with much high stakes.  Check out the trailer:

Foolproof is a very fun movie so long as you take it for what it is.  It has some flaws but it makes up for it with laughs and creativity.  The characters for the most part are likeable and real.  The trio act very much like any three people that have known each other long enough to know each other tendencies and can openly poke fun at them.  One of my favorite scenes is when the female member of the trio is reading the lips of the pervert they are all spying on through a microscope.  If I had to make a comparison for movie goers I would say it is a third of the staff necessary of “Ocean’s 11.”  There are good caper elements that are very clever within the scope of the film (it is just a movie people, if everything they did in this movie were real heists would be occurring left and right).

It features Ryan Reynolds just before his rise to stardom between fan favorites Van Wilder and Blade:  Trinity.  He reprises a familiar role of a quick witted protagonist, Kevin, who is caught between a gangster, his friends, and the police.  This role is one we are all have seen him do but that is why a lot of people have grown to like him and his films.  It also stars a sexy Kristin Booth as Sam, an equally witty member of the trio.  Joris Jarsky added some quirky comic relief in his role as the tech savvy member of the trio, Rob.  Leo Gillette the gangster, played by David Suchet, was effectively unpredictable and intimidating at needling the trio into submission.

Overall this is definitely worth a watch, Foolproof will definitely help pass time by if that is what you are looking for and if your are a Ryan Reynolds fan.  I’d give it a 8/10.  If you need somewhere to watch this, it is available from instant streaming at Amazon and is free if you have an Amazon Prime account.

Click here to watch at Amazon

If you do not want to pay or do not have an Amazon Prime account I’m sure there somewhere online to find it.  But legally I encourage you to use Amazon 🙂

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